12 Days till The Next Chapter….

keep-calmAnd so after a really crazy time of challenging months & weeks since I last blogged, we are down to less than 2 weeks to go till we seal our love story…and onto another chapter we shall tread on..In Shaa Allah this time we both know better! All we trust and have faith in shall be tested in our next life adventure as Mr & Mrs…Anyway, after all the issues we have been facing that is leading to our wedding date, we just wanna relax, have fun, enjoy ourselves on THE day!! No more hustling us about increasing the number of guests, why we are NOT doing this, that & whatnots *rolls eyes*, fulfilling families wishes instead of OURS…and one wonder WHOSE wedding is this actually for?? Bwahaha…all I can say is..it is a miracle that we both have not gone crazy and still chose to remain positive even in the most trying times..Humour at everything (we tried ok!) keep us sane…errr..though there are many ‘vomit blood’ moment..all I can say is…we cannot wait till IT’S OVER!! You might think with us being ‘second timers’ it all gets easy and all but NOOOOOO…ended up STILL more or less the same expectations among family with any other ‘never married before’ couples. Nevertheless, we are sure looking forward to that long awaited moment when Khai will lafaz his akad nikah ūüôā Bets are on¬†(no money involved yah! lol) among my closest friends & family that I will be shedding tears..lots of it¬† or rather puddles..bwahaha!! We shall see then…in meantime I hope to update at least once more before THE DAY!! Take care all u BTB/GTB and have fun…at least try …in your Wedding planning together!! Stay sane peeps!!



80 Days To Go….Itinerary Ready!!


With a lil’ over 2 months more to go and we are pretty much relaxed¬†cos u know ours is not the full blast typical Malay wedding affair. I guess as Khai & me are not exactly the ‘nervous malu2 1st time nak kahwin’ couple..bwahaha not¬†making fun of anyone here..u know what I mean..kita ni counted as ‘pengantin lama’ type of couple? Heehee..anyway at least we know better what NOT to do this time round ūüėȬ† As our appointments with our main Wedding vendor pengantin.sg & bridal/stylist Gee Rhis is fast approaching and¬†our itinerary pretty much ready, thought I would share this very simple & straight forward itinerary sample that I came across in my search for a template (yeah I am a Google search¬†fan!) It really is a NO BRAINER I’m tellin’ ya! Sukaaa sekali kan if the only thing left to do is just to input the finer details, edit here & there..My kind of template indeed! Why¬†need an itinerary?? Well, honestly you certainly can do without it BUT including an itinerary will just make everything else more organized & helpful plus with minimum waiting time & glitches (hopefully not). My suggestion is to make it simple to follow¬†for your Groomsmen , Bridesmaids, DJ, Emcee, Photographer¬†and all the important people in your entourage …and don’t sweat the small stuff ok..DO allow yourself some buffer time cos no matter how organized we are, things do happen…moreover it’s gonna be YOUR big day!! Chill & have fun!!

Stay tuned dearies¬†for the next update following the meeting with our Wedding vendors..smile y’all!

Sample Wedding Itinerary for Malay Weddings (1-day Combined Reception)



Hi…after a short hiatus


Salam Syawal to all the Muslim readers¬†and bloggers. Yup never too late I guess as many are still doing their jalan Raya from the endless pics I have seen on social medias…heehee we are no exception too! We went navy blue this year…and as you can see..yup the man was acting cute as always…hhmmmpphh..I can STILL hear him procrastinating “but…I am cute wat…” whenever I told him to STOP squinting his eyes, pursing his lips, winking and whatnots..bwahaha!

Anyway after lots of rendangs, ketupats, lontongs, kuihs & endless carbonated drinks it is back to the Wedding prep.¬†and eating healthy..ceyyy like real only..lol! ¬†Well…to be exact there is nothing much for us to do except to go for the ROMM ‘interview’, our costumes selections & to a session with our main Wedding vendor pengantin.sg ( I did post about them and other vendors in a much earlier post…do search it yah ) Oh and me being a not kanchiong 2nd timer (ahem!) just booked my bridal henna after much researching. I am one who prefers the more simple, elegant¬†bridal henna rather than the full intricate ones plus Khai also share my same sentiments that too much henna will make the whole look just too ‘messy’..oh well that is just us cos I know most brides prefer the ‘full, intricate’ ones…go with whatever makes YOU happy my fellow BTB!!Important is you must love it and am happy with the whole look. So if you are wondering which henna artist I am engaging, check her out here https://www.facebook.com/khairhenna/?surface=rese¬†and this is the pic taken off her FB cover page..nice, clean, elegant henna design (I am not too fussy about henna I reckon)

Till the next post which I will talk about Wedding Itinerary..take care y’all!


ROMM-Registering Our Marriage

So THE day arrived for us to make a booking of our chosen solemnization date and yes like other kiasu Singaporean couples…hey! it is worth to be kiasu in this I’m tellin’ya! Lol..at the strike of midnight we went online…nahhh…more like on the date we are finally able to register online https://www.romm.gov.sg/index.asp

Khai went to ROMM itself!! Hah! Talk abt me being kiasu and whatnot…the man turned up at the building itself just to register at the kiosk there…don’t ask me why cos I tried telling him not to make that trip as it is all via online *roll eyes moment* BUT nooo he insisted. Men… I’m tellin’ ya…his reason was “If I need any assistance, I can just approach the counter” duhhh another yes…*roll eyes moment* anyway, cut the story short he did everything at the kiosk there and presto!!! We got our date booked & chosen our kadi ūüôā Now we need to just turn up at ROMM with my Wali (my dad) at least a month or 5 weeks before our solemnization date for that interview thingy where the verification of documents will be done at the counter¬†and the Wali, BTB & GTB will be asked individually into the room and questions like whether he/she is ready, attended marriage¬†prep.course, our status and stuff like that will be asked. For the Wali, it is more of¬†confirming his approval to the marriage..¬†I could only remember vaguely tho as my previous marriage was such a looong time ago.¬† My advice to other BTB & GTB especially if you have never been married before..chill ok..heehee.. don’t be nervous as this is just another step towards your lives together! Having said that, you will feel a bit jittery I guess while waiting to be called into the office individually as it is just the whole environment of seriousness that basically tell u..woahhh..I AM GOING TO BE A WIFE!! Trust me..even for me having to go through this again, I do feel what y’all are feeling too when the time comes!

Okay before everyone get excited abt going online to book your date, pls ensure you got the following info ready:

  1. Wali (Bride side usually her father) IC No, Full Name
  2. Witness 1 IC No, Full Name
  3. Witness 2 IC No, Full Name
  4. Solemnization Venue & Full Address

Oh and 1 more thing…Khai & me had all the details ready EXCEPT the most important one…which Kadi?? It was like an eenie mini miney moe kinda thing when all I could think¬†of was just choose a familiar name..oh my! The man was supposed to decide on this and suddenly he went blank…nervous ke? See told ya! 2nd timer pun nervous…bwahahaha!! anyway..we ended up choosing Naib Kadi Sallim Bin Jasman, a very well experienced and cool one as he has solemnized endless marriages for a looong time. You may view him in action here:


For all you BTB & GTB this is a good site to do your ‘homework’ on kadis.. http://malayweddingservices.com/?s=kadi

And before I signed off…I just have to take a peek at our Wedding date and wow..22 marriages booked for the same solemnization date as¬†at 04 June 2016..super fast eh y’all!! Have a blessed weekend now ūüėČ Don’t stress stress ah..



So hope all the 2016 BTB & GTB are all doing well as you go about your wedding prep. We completed our remarrying course or Program Memupuk Kasih which I have mentioned in an earlier post. Do read more about the program details there as I have also included the links.

Our day started at 8.45am and as it was a heavy downpour kinda day, the moderators decided to give a lil’ more time to the couples attending the program. Being¬†a ‘newbie’ in hijab wearing and as it is mandatory to cover the female head as venue was at the Mujahidin Mosque, I was half the time busy fidgeting & adjusting my chiffon semi-instant hijab…oooh that TAUGHT me a lesson…NEVER choose a chiffon semi-instant hijab when u hardly wear one in the first place¬†*rolls eyes*¬† Anyway the Program Memupuk Kasih commenced at 9.15am when all couples are finally in and seated..we were then segregated into groups of male & female as c’mon y’all we are at a mosque! so no couple2 moment nak seat together gether eh!

The course was a 01 full day affair which ran all the way till 6.30pm but it was both engaging &¬†interactive with participation from all attendees including yours truly whom had to do ‘presentation’ a couple of times as the ladies in my group were just too shy..yeah we were seated according to a total of 06 (round tables) groups of single ladies, the married before ladies, single men & the married before men.¬†As a whole, we were¬†quite a loud and big group of people whom all seek the purpose of sharing and learning towards a blissful 2nd (3rd, 4th etc) marriage. There were quite a number of¬†single ladies & men whose partner was married before &¬†of course, they have¬†quite a different perspective towards some aspects¬†of the married life, kids, financial etc. It was interesting and at the same time enriching to hear the many different stories &¬†past cases from Syariah plus the views from Ustaz (2nd half of the day involved sharing¬†& views from the religious aspect).mujahidin_mosque

Topics from step parenting, step families integration, financial, moral & emotional needs, religion, case studies, role-play were discussed & included. I would highly recommend this course for all  Muslim remarrying couples or even if 1 half of the couple has been married before..trust me, it is beneficial and certainly not your typical, monotonous  kursus rumah tangga held at a Masjid. Khai & me truly knew that this is what we want and the direction we are heading towards cos as the counselors & moderators did mentioned, some couples do ended up changing their minds after attending this Program Memupuk Kasih. Bad?? Nooo imho as this course keeps it real and made u ask yourselves as a couple..Is this what we really want? Are we ready for marriage yet again? Is he/she ready to take on this role?

After all that, we are both ‘equipped’ with knowledge & faith that we hope will bring us towards the fulfillment of an everlasting marriage..In Shaa Allah ūüôā


Post review of Program Memupuk Kasih @PPIS Vista Sakinah. I am not paid nor engaged to write this review but honestly feel the positive aim of this program is truly commendable. Supported by MCYS this is such a refreshing change if you have been through a marriage prep.course like we did before..
Program Memupuk Kasih begin with a personal orientation program that involved the couple & a facilitator (in our case, a lovely lady named Dwi or was it Sri..heehee..) Started off with each of us filling a bunch of questionnaires so as to let the facilitator have an idea of your background, past marriage, your goals etc. Importantly, you have to be honest & open about it as this serve as a platform to navigate your aim as a couple who is embarking on the path of marriage again. Khai & me had fun writing or rather ticking off all those boxes..lol! Once the personal orientation session commenced, we were relaxed & transparent about our feelings, fears, emotions (emmm…I shed a tear or two or more…yahhh). We discussed a wide range of topics from family, friends,kids, ex-spouses, finance and basically everything we could think of! We came with totally no expectation whatsoever and did not even realised that we overrun the 2 hours slot set aside per couple! Our facilitator was encouraging and gave us positive words such as ‚Äú what I am feeling about both of u as a couple is you share the same values & goals and am delighted to see, hear and feel the trust, determination and faith u have in each other‚ÄĚ Awwww…how can we not feel so motivated right??May Allah ease this journey ahead of us.
Anyway, to sum it all up for those couples who are planning or about to embark on a new chapter on this same path as us…do check this Program Memupuk Kasih under PPIS VISTA SAKINAH. Do click this link ¬†http://www.ppis.sg/social-services/…or go directly to the ROMM website to read more about it here https://www.romm.gov.sg/resources/r… . This program is mainly for those who are divorced and remarrying including couples whom both or either one is divorced (If one of you are is divorced while the other is single, you will have to undergo this Program instead of the normal marriage prep.course) or a widower. In Shaa Allah your vision as a couple is clearer and it sets u firmly towards another new beginning. After you have completed your personal orientation session, you will then begin your 1 full day of the program itself which will be held at a mosque. Khai & me are certainly looking forward to our session on 28 May @Mujahidin Mosque.


From the above mentioned it is pretty obvious that our name is part of that company..yup Khai & me are running a Wedding Limousine business which is apart from our full time jobs of course! So no worries about the bridal car there y’all!

Let’s do a bit of self marketing here since THIS is OUR blog..heehee..let us start with why a limousine/wedding car business? It is like a no brainer to both of us since Khai is very much into cars and we both love Weddings..like who doesn’t right? Well maybe a handful don’t but errr…realistically speaking Weddings will¬†NEVER go out of business..there is always a Wedding every other week and to go into bridal wear will¬†demand too much of a start up capital hence KHAILYN LIMOUSINE was born in 2015 ūüôā

Check us out on FB under that easy to remember name Ahem! and let us take you on¬†your Wedding ride journey. Oh! Did we mention all bookings include a professional & well experienced personal chauffeur??Yeah…¬†And the obvious answer to OUR own bridal car on our matrimonial event!!




When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with a person, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.