12 Days till The Next Chapter….

keep-calmAnd so after a really crazy time of challenging months & weeks since I last blogged, we are down to less than 2 weeks to go till we seal our love story…and onto another chapter we shall tread on..In Shaa Allah this time we both know better! All we trust and have faith in shall be tested in our next life adventure as Mr & Mrs…Anyway, after all the issues we have been facing that is leading to our wedding date, we just wanna relax, have fun, enjoy ourselves on THE day!! No more hustling us about increasing the number of guests, why we are NOT doing this, that & whatnots *rolls eyes*, fulfilling families wishes instead of OURS…and one wonder WHOSE wedding is this actually for?? Bwahaha…all I can say is..it is a miracle that we both have not gone crazy and still chose to remain positive even in the most trying times..Humour at everything (we tried ok!) keep us sane…errr..though there are many ‘vomit blood’ moment..all I can say is…we cannot wait till IT’S OVER!! You might think with us being ‘second timers’ it all gets easy and all but NOOOOOO…ended up STILL more or less the same expectations among family with any other ‘never married before’ couples. Nevertheless, we are sure looking forward to that long awaited moment when Khai will lafaz his akad nikah 🙂 Bets are on (no money involved yah! lol) among my closest friends & family that I will be shedding tears..lots of it  or rather puddles..bwahaha!! We shall see then…in meantime I hope to update at least once more before THE DAY!! Take care all u BTB/GTB and have fun…at least try …in your Wedding planning together!! Stay sane peeps!!



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When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with a person, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.



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