80 Days To Go….Itinerary Ready!!


With a lil’ over 2 months more to go and we are pretty much relaxed cos u know ours is not the full blast typical Malay wedding affair. I guess as Khai & me are not exactly the ‘nervous malu2 1st time nak kahwin’ couple..bwahaha not making fun of anyone here..u know what I mean..kita ni counted as ‘pengantin lama’ type of couple? Heehee..anyway at least we know better what NOT to do this time round 😉  As our appointments with our main Wedding vendor pengantin.sg & bridal/stylist Gee Rhis is fast approaching and our itinerary pretty much ready, thought I would share this very simple & straight forward itinerary sample that I came across in my search for a template (yeah I am a Google search fan!) It really is a NO BRAINER I’m tellin’ ya! Sukaaa sekali kan if the only thing left to do is just to input the finer details, edit here & there..My kind of template indeed! Why need an itinerary?? Well, honestly you certainly can do without it BUT including an itinerary will just make everything else more organized & helpful plus with minimum waiting time & glitches (hopefully not). My suggestion is to make it simple to follow for your Groomsmen , Bridesmaids, DJ, Emcee, Photographer and all the important people in your entourage …and don’t sweat the small stuff ok..DO allow yourself some buffer time cos no matter how organized we are, things do happen…moreover it’s gonna be YOUR big day!! Chill & have fun!!

Stay tuned dearies for the next update following the meeting with our Wedding vendors..smile y’all!

Sample Wedding Itinerary for Malay Weddings (1-day Combined Reception)




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