Hi…after a short hiatus


Salam Syawal to all the Muslim readers and bloggers. Yup never too late I guess as many are still doing their jalan Raya from the endless pics I have seen on social medias…heehee we are no exception too! We went navy blue this year…and as you can see..yup the man was acting cute as always…hhmmmpphh..I can STILL hear him procrastinating “but…I am cute wat…” whenever I told him to STOP squinting his eyes, pursing his lips, winking and whatnots..bwahaha!

Anyway after lots of rendangs, ketupats, lontongs, kuihs & endless carbonated drinks it is back to the Wedding prep. and eating healthy..ceyyy like real only..lol!  Well…to be exact there is nothing much for us to do except to go for the ROMM ‘interview’, our costumes selections & to a session with our main Wedding vendor pengantin.sg ( I did post about them and other vendors in a much earlier post…do search it yah ) Oh and me being a not kanchiong 2nd timer (ahem!) just booked my bridal henna after much researching. I am one who prefers the more simple, elegant bridal henna rather than the full intricate ones plus Khai also share my same sentiments that too much henna will make the whole look just too ‘messy’..oh well that is just us cos I know most brides prefer the ‘full, intricate’ ones…go with whatever makes YOU happy my fellow BTB!!Important is you must love it and am happy with the whole look. So if you are wondering which henna artist I am engaging, check her out here https://www.facebook.com/khairhenna/?surface=rese and this is the pic taken off her FB cover page..nice, clean, elegant henna design (I am not too fussy about henna I reckon)

Till the next post which I will talk about Wedding Itinerary..take care y’all!



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When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with a person, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.



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