ROMM-Registering Our Marriage

So THE day arrived for us to make a booking of our chosen solemnization date and yes like other kiasu Singaporean couples…hey! it is worth to be kiasu in this I’m tellin’ya! the strike of midnight we went online…nahhh…more like on the date we are finally able to register online

Khai went to ROMM itself!! Hah! Talk abt me being kiasu and whatnot…the man turned up at the building itself just to register at the kiosk there…don’t ask me why cos I tried telling him not to make that trip as it is all via online *roll eyes moment* BUT nooo he insisted. Men… I’m tellin’ ya…his reason was “If I need any assistance, I can just approach the counter” duhhh another yes…*roll eyes moment* anyway, cut the story short he did everything at the kiosk there and presto!!! We got our date booked & chosen our kadi šŸ™‚ Now we need to just turn up at ROMM with my Wali (my dad) at least a month or 5 weeks before our solemnization date for that interview thingy where the verification of documents will be done at the counterĀ and the Wali, BTB & GTB will be asked individually into the room and questions like whether he/she is ready, attended marriageĀ prep.course, our status and stuff like that will be asked. For the Wali, it is more ofĀ confirming his approval to the marriage..Ā I could only remember vaguely tho as my previous marriage was such a looong time ago.Ā  My advice to other BTB & GTB especially if you have never been married before..chill ok..heehee.. don’t be nervous as this is just another step towards your lives together! Having said that, you will feel a bit jittery I guess while waiting to be called into the office individually as it is just the whole environment of seriousness that basically tell u..woahhh..I AM GOING TO BE A WIFE!! Trust me..even for me having to go through this again, I do feel what y’all are feeling too when the time comes!

Okay before everyone get excited abt going online to book your date, pls ensure you got the following info ready:

  1. Wali (Bride side usually her father) IC No, Full Name
  2. Witness 1 IC No, Full Name
  3. Witness 2 IC No, Full Name
  4. Solemnization Venue & Full Address

Oh and 1 more thing…Khai & me had all the details ready EXCEPT the most important one…which Kadi?? It was like an eenie mini miney moe kinda thing when all I could thinkĀ of was just choose a familiar name..oh my! The man was supposed to decide on this and suddenly he went blank…nervous ke? See told ya! 2nd timer pun nervous…bwahahaha!! anyway..we ended up choosing Naib Kadi Sallim Bin Jasman, a very well experienced and cool one as he has solemnized endless marriages for a looong time. You may view him in action here:

For all you BTB & GTB this is a good site to do your ‘homework’ on kadis..

And before I signed off…I just have to take a peek at our Wedding date and wow..22 marriages booked for the same solemnization date asĀ at 04 June 2016..super fast eh y’all!! Have a blessed weekend now šŸ˜‰ Don’t stress stress ah..



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When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with a person, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.



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