So hope all the 2016 BTB & GTB are all doing well as you go about your wedding prep. We completed our remarrying course or Program Memupuk Kasih which I have mentioned in an earlier post. Do read more about the program details there as I have also included the links.

Our day started at 8.45am and as it was a heavy downpour kinda day, the moderators decided to give a lil’ more time to the couples attending the program. Being a ‘newbie’ in hijab wearing and as it is mandatory to cover the female head as venue was at the Mujahidin Mosque, I was half the time busy fidgeting & adjusting my chiffon semi-instant hijab…oooh that TAUGHT me a lesson…NEVER choose a chiffon semi-instant hijab when u hardly wear one in the first place *rolls eyes*  Anyway the Program Memupuk Kasih commenced at 9.15am when all couples are finally in and seated..we were then segregated into groups of male & female as c’mon y’all we are at a mosque! so no couple2 moment nak seat together gether eh!

The course was a 01 full day affair which ran all the way till 6.30pm but it was both engaging & interactive with participation from all attendees including yours truly whom had to do ‘presentation’ a couple of times as the ladies in my group were just too shy..yeah we were seated according to a total of 06 (round tables) groups of single ladies, the married before ladies, single men & the married before men. As a whole, we were quite a loud and big group of people whom all seek the purpose of sharing and learning towards a blissful 2nd (3rd, 4th etc) marriage. There were quite a number of single ladies & men whose partner was married before & of course, they have quite a different perspective towards some aspects of the married life, kids, financial etc. It was interesting and at the same time enriching to hear the many different stories & past cases from Syariah plus the views from Ustaz (2nd half of the day involved sharing & views from the religious aspect).mujahidin_mosque

Topics from step parenting, step families integration, financial, moral & emotional needs, religion, case studies, role-play were discussed & included. I would highly recommend this course for all  Muslim remarrying couples or even if 1 half of the couple has been married me, it is beneficial and certainly not your typical, monotonous  kursus rumah tangga held at a Masjid. Khai & me truly knew that this is what we want and the direction we are heading towards cos as the counselors & moderators did mentioned, some couples do ended up changing their minds after attending this Program Memupuk Kasih. Bad?? Nooo imho as this course keeps it real and made u ask yourselves as a couple..Is this what we really want? Are we ready for marriage yet again? Is he/she ready to take on this role?

After all that, we are both ‘equipped’ with knowledge & faith that we hope will bring us towards the fulfillment of an everlasting marriage..In Shaa Allah 🙂


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