Post review of Program Memupuk Kasih @PPIS Vista Sakinah. I am not paid nor engaged to write this review but honestly feel the positive aim of this program is truly commendable. Supported by MCYS this is such a refreshing change if you have been through a marriage prep.course like we did before..
Program Memupuk Kasih begin with a personal orientation program that involved the couple & a facilitator (in our case, a lovely lady named Dwi or was it Sri..heehee..) Started off with each of us filling a bunch of questionnaires so as to let the facilitator have an idea of your background, past marriage, your goals etc. Importantly, you have to be honest & open about it as this serve as a platform to navigate your aim as a couple who is embarking on the path of marriage again. Khai & me had fun writing or rather ticking off all those! Once the personal orientation session commenced, we were relaxed & transparent about our feelings, fears, emotions (emmm…I shed a tear or two or more…yahhh). We discussed a wide range of topics from family, friends,kids, ex-spouses, finance and basically everything we could think of! We came with totally no expectation whatsoever and did not even realised that we overrun the 2 hours slot set aside per couple! Our facilitator was encouraging and gave us positive words such as “ what I am feeling about both of u as a couple is you share the same values & goals and am delighted to see, hear and feel the trust, determination and faith u have in each other” Awwww…how can we not feel so motivated right??May Allah ease this journey ahead of us.
Anyway, to sum it all up for those couples who are planning or about to embark on a new chapter on this same path as us…do check this Program Memupuk Kasih under PPIS VISTA SAKINAH. Do click this link…or go directly to the ROMM website to read more about it here… . This program is mainly for those who are divorced and remarrying including couples whom both or either one is divorced (If one of you are is divorced while the other is single, you will have to undergo this Program instead of the normal marriage prep.course) or a widower. In Shaa Allah your vision as a couple is clearer and it sets u firmly towards another new beginning. After you have completed your personal orientation session, you will then begin your 1 full day of the program itself which will be held at a mosque. Khai & me are certainly looking forward to our session on 28 May @Mujahidin Mosque.

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