Le Wedding Vendors

So like all soon to be wedded couples and in abt slightly over 5 more mths to go, Khai & me are basically done with our Wedding prep. Even though it will be a small affair of just 150 guests by today standard of a typical Malay Wedding (which is usually 1000 guests or more on average..yahh THAT is the average!) both of us definitely visualize it to be a cosy & small affair yet elegant & glitzy in a way? Oh well…you know what I mean right..so in other words we still wanna have that Wow! factor on a small scale cos c’mon y’all this is OUR WEDDING!!Heehee..and soooo KhaiLyn decided to go with the following vendors:

  1. Our Wedding Venue / Deco / Catering / Wedding Invitation Cards / Emcee / Bunga Pahar / Wedding Cake / Berkat – Rumah@McNair via this wonderful people. Pengantin.sg – they are also THE one stop solution to all wedding needs & we just love their style where you can just consult them without even being pushy PLUS they do EVERYTHING u know! Check out their FB page https://www.facebook.com/pengantin.sg/timelinepengantin.sg
  2. Wedding Berkat for Nikah (Solemnization)- we opted for tasbih & yasin set through Cadeaux by Nina S https://www.facebook.com/Cadeaux-by-Nina-S-1027145817309355/?fref=tsberkat
  3. Wedding Outfits / Hair /Make-UpI instantly knew I wanted Puteh by Rhis aka Gee Rhis the moment my eyes set upon the gorgeous collection on that first time I chanced upon them on FB. It helps that Khai love it too and hey presto! what say you…Gee Rhis also became one of our business collaborator (We shall elaborate more on this in a future post). Feast your eyes on the beauuuuutiiiifffuuulll outfits  https://www.facebook.com/putehbyrhis?fref=photo rhis
  4.  Wedding Photography / Videography (Actual Day) – easy choice as HMP worked with Gee Rhis on quite a number of their editorial shoots so Khai & me were unanimous on this https://www.facebook.com/HMPAsia/timeline hmp
  5. Our Nikah aka Solemnization Venue – Sultan Mosque http://sultanmosque.sg/ a Nikah ceremony here will set you back $150 and bookings can only be made 3 months prior to your event. So this is the only one still pending & we are really praying hard for the timeline to hit exactly 3 months (Nikah to be on 29 Oct 2016) before we zoom off to do the booking. Alternatively, we will just have the Nikah within Rumah@McNair on the same day as the Wedding ceremony itself on 30 Oct 2016.sultan mosque
  6. Kompang – Another instantaneous decision for us..told ya we are such easy, decisive people..hahaha like real huh! Seriously, Kompang Al-Falah attracted us the moment we heard their melodious harmony especially the fact that they perform Salawat & my favourite Hasbi Rabbi for all their Wedding couples. How can we NOT want to engage them…duhhh..we are sooo looking forward to their performance on the Wedding day..I just hope we won’t be grinning from ear to ear like a pair of kids who are so entranced by them! https://www.facebook.com/kompang.alfalah/?fref=ts kompangPhew!! Hope I did not miss anything out as like I mentioned before though a small affair for 150 guests but we want the full works..well..almost all..heehee.. will talk more about the details of our impending Wedding more on my next post so till then…have fun researching all u BTB & GTB!!

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